Les Coeurs d'Or - Association humanitaire

Les Cœurs d’Or is a secular and totally independent French NGO.

Following our trip to West Africa, we saw the harsh reality of the daily lives of residents on this side of the globe.

Orphans, street children, abandoned kids and left behind, walking barefoot, wearing only panties, very emaciated with sad looks.

This trip was revealing for us on the state of the continent. We shortened our stay because we did not have the heart strong enough to see so much misery concentrated on as many kilometers traveled.

Back in Europe, the question has been carefully considered: what can we do to help these populations? Even if the idea was already in mind, it turned into a concrete project.

This is how we decided to create this INTERNATIONAL NGO to help the inhabitants of certain African countries as well as other countries of the five continents.

Our starting point would be Benin because it is here that we spent the most time and our knowledge of the field is greater. It is a country without natural resources with an unemployment rate of around 70% of the population.

We would like to gain over time other countries from the five continents.